Silverstein Properties Mixer w/ Biz Markie

Four World Trade

Audio, Custom Scenic, and Lighting

On the 69th floor of Four World Trade, Silverstein Properties has commissioned famous graffiti artists to fill the windows and walls with their art, bringing incredible character to the otherwise barren circular room with no carpeting or furniture. It is truly impressive!

To show employees this unimaginable floor inside of Four World Trade, Silverstein hosted an employee mixer that included arcade games, an open bar, and tunes by Biz Markie himself.  To compliment their planned festivities and entertainment for the night, they asked Wizard to put in up lighting to really enhance the room and artwork; build custom scenic pieces for the open bars and a subway-car seating piece; and put in audio to fill the space.  

For lighting, we installed up lights literally everywhere. No piece of art or bit of graffiti was left behind, and in turn made the room into a wonder where you couldn’t catch everything, but anything you zoned in on was super cool and didn’t detract from the other pieces.


For the custom built scenic pieces, we incorporated well-known NYC elements. One being a CBGB-esque bar piece:


And for a piece the Silverstein company fell in love with, we built a subway car replica, complete with poles, lights, and the good ol’ hard plastic seats we all know and love.