Social Responsibility of Sports Conference


Audio/Visual by Wizard Studio
March 14, 2016
Rosenthal Pavilion,
 NYU Tisch School of Professional Studies
Manhattan, NY

Wizard Studios was proud to be part of this exceptional all-day Summit in New York. SRS Conference is part of the leading education & research institute for sports. 
"Sport is an opportunity to introduce leadership, sportsmanship, & healthy living." @NBA Commish Adam Silver #NYUSRS

Top Row: Craig Harnett, chief financial officer for the NHL; Dennis Di Lorenzo, Harvey J. Stedman dean of the NYU School of Professional Studies; Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL; and Arthur R. Miller, associate dean of the NYU School of Professional Studies Tisch Institute for Sports Management, Media, and Business.

Bottom Row: Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA; Robert D. Manfred, Jr., commissioner of the MLB; Kathy Milthorpe, chief financial officer, LPGA; Don Garber, commissioner of the MLS; and Brian France, chairman and CEO of NASCAR.