Hillary Clinton Election Night

Plane Arrival: Westchester Airport, NY

  • Lighting, Audio, Staging, Scenic, and Event Logistics

Election Night: Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC

  • Block Party: Logistics, Staging, Scenic, Audio, and Lighting
  • Inside Javits Center: Audio, Video, Scenic, Staging, Signal Distribution

Concession Speech: New Yorker Hotel Ballroom

  • Lighting, Audio, and Staging

Being asked to be one of the three Production Companies tasked with producing election night for the Clinton campaign created memories that will last a lifetime.  Not only for the historical precedence of this election, but to be at the epicenter of the real-time emotion we all experienced as the events of the evening unfolded…Is still beyond words. 

Our team lived at the Jacob Javits Center for 8 days preparing to break the ultimate “glass-ceiling.” Going from that experience directly in to preparing a Concession Speech was an incredible experience. We will always remember all the amazing people who came together as a team in one place at one time to be a part of history.